Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

G8 Fire Solutions Ltd is a UK leader in the sub-contracting of Fixed Extinguishing Systems for the Fire Trade only, with full 3rd party accreditation. Furthermore, G8 are fully compliant in all respects of the Current Standards, and Health and Safety applicable to this profession.

G8 Fire Ltd also have the full ability to Integrity test and seal areas, covered by fixed systems, and 95% of our activities are all carried out “in house”.

G8 Fire Ltd solely supports the UK nationwide, but mainland only.

As G8 Fire Ltd is a Fire Trade only company, if your enquiry should be from a Facilities management or user operator perspective, please do not hesitate to forward your request on to us, and we will endeavour to locate the best Fire Company Local to your offices.

  • HFC227ea (FM200) Chemical Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Novec 1230 Chemical Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • IG 55/541/100/01 Inert Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • CO2 Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Over Pressure Relief Venting

  • Integrity Testing

Company Ethos

G8 believe independency is the key to its success, as from our viewpoint, we do not produce, promote or have any bias towards products and its source sales turnover. G8 endeavour to promote what is the best option for the clients protected equipment and the client alike. This ensures there is no hidden agenda and the best possible safe working practices are applied.

Established in January 2005, G8 Fire Ltd have over 1000 trade contacts and 120+ Fire trade companies UK wide presently active in our portfolio, G8 Fire is also committed to providing an efficient and balanced service to our customers by striving for fully trained personnel and full certification to back up the needs at all times.

  • Fully Accredited and Approved

  • Fast Response

  • Independent & Privately Owned

  • Fully unbranded onsite

  • Proven reliable

  • Generated Site Reports & Quotes

  • No Electrical Works Undertaken

  • Fire trade associates only

  • Strictly B2B company

  • Ethical in all aspects



Integrity Testing

Professional Fleet